The Restoration (Restauration) is the name given to the period of French history during which, after the abdication of napoléon i (Treaty of Fontainebleau, April 1814), the monarchy was reestablished in favor of the older branch of the Bourbons and included the reigns of louis XV III (1814-15, 1815-24) and then of charles x (1824-30). Supported by those who sought peace, the nobility, and the commercial bourgeoisie who hoped for an economic revival, the First Restoration was interrupted by the return of the emperor from Elba (the hundred days). This period ended with the defeat at waterloo and Napoléon's second abdication, and brought back the Bourbon regime. it was the period of the extreme royalist white terror and of a nondemocratic monarchy. shortly after the accession of Charles X in 1824, the financial, economic, and social situation began to deteriorate, and the political crisis, exacerbated by reactionary policies and ideology, led to the revolution of 1830 (July 1830) and Charles's abdication.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.


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